Plan your new home construction project in the Great Bangor, ME Area with a company based our of Levant, ME

Imagine getting the keys to your dream home and knowing you played a big part in bringing it to life. That's our goal at JDS Homes & Foundations. Unlike some custom home builders, we won't make you choose a design from one of our plans - we give you more choices. We listen to your ideas to create a design that will fit your needs. 

Call now to get a free estimate from a custom home builder at JDS Homes & Foundations based in Levant, ME. We serve the entire Bangor, ME area.

Don't hire a builder that limits your creativity. Trust our team to help you create the perfect new home construction plan in the Greater Bangor area. We are based right out of Levant, ME. Sit down with our custom home builder at JDS today to go over important options, like:

  • What material do you want for the siding?
  • What color do you want the shingles to be?
  • Do you want quartz or granite countertops?

And a whole lot more. When you trust us with your new home construction project, you'll be treated like family. Contact us with any questions before, during or after your project - we look forward to partnering with you!